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Fluoroscopy System Suitable for Swallowing Examination Aids Rehabilitation (PDF 1.22MB)

Ms. Yuko Bongohara, Department of Radiology
Mr. Manabu Fujita, Unit of Speech Therapy, Department of Rehabilitation

Utilization of a System with a Large Field of View FPD capable of both Fluoroscopy and Radiography for Wide Range of Examinations, from Gastrointestinal studies to Video Fluoroscopy (VF) (PDF 1.20MB)

Mr.Noritaka Terashima
Chief Technologist
Goi Hospital (Chiba Prefecture)

Using the SONIALVISION G4 for Orthopedics - Utility of the SLOT Advance Application - (PDF 1.75MB)

Mr.Yukio Amamiya
Department of Radiology, Sanraku Hospital

Distortion-Free High-Performance FPD Ensures Even Slight Shadows Are Rendered Properly for More Precise Gastric Screening (PDF 1.06MB)

Mr. Mamoru Fujioka
Medial Examination Section,Image Inspection Division Department Chief
Toyama City Medical Association Health Care Center

Experience Using the SONIALVISION G4 in the Field of Urology (PDF 3.72MB)

Takeki Sugiyama,M.D.
Department of Urology,Nishiwaki Municipal Hospital

Experience Using the SONIALVISION G4 (PDF 8.01MB)

Mr. Hideki Yamaguchi
Nihon Koukan Hospital

Development of the SONIALVISION G4 A New R/F System (PDF 756KB)

Yukihiro Takumi
Medical Systems Division, Shimadzu Corporation

Stable Image Quality and Compact, Easy-to-Use Unit Supports Upper Gastrointestinal Series at Large Medical Checkup Facilities (PDF 1.1MB)

Mr. Atsutomi Tsutsumi
Chief Technologist
Sumitomo Hospital (Osaka Prefecture)

14 x 17-Inch Flat Panel Detector Offers Wide Field of View and Excellent Image Quality, Supporting Diverse Examinations (PDF 1.1MB)

Mr. Norihiro Yamagami, Chief Technologist
Mr. Susumu Takade
Minamigaoka Hospital (Ishikawa Prefecture)

Experiences Using the FLEXAVISION F3 Package (PDF 4.71MB)

Yoshiko Kadokawa, M.D., Ph.D.
Gasteroenterological Medicine NHO Ureshino Medical Center
Chief Physician

Multi-Purpose R/F System with Portable FPD FLEXAVISION F3 Package (PDF 545KB)

Akihide Kanaya, Yoshiaki Tanaka
Medical Systems Division, Shimadzu Corporation

Digitization of gastric mass screenings enhances examination efficiency and quality Near-optimal image quality (PDF 1.71MB)

Ms.Yumi Matsueda
Department of Radiology, Koukan Kai Tsurumi Clinic

Satisfying Gastric Examinations by Image Quality with the Priority on Sharpness and Clarity (PDF 1.55MB)

Mr.Kazuhiko Hanafusa
Chief Radiological Technologist
Nishinihon Occupational Health Service Center
Kitakyushu Medical Checkup Clinic

High-quality images that make a difference in thorough stomach examinations are a great help to the Center of Gastroenterological Endoscopy Removing unnecessary functions makes this system easy to introduce as a special-purpose device. (PDF 1.66MB)

FLEXAVISION FD Package (Full Digital system)
Dr.Tadashi Shigematsu,
Department of Gastroenterology
Saiseikai Shiga Hospital (Shiga Prefecture)

Any system other than FLEXAVISION, which offers oblique fluoroscopy and table elevation, would be inconceivable for a pain clinic. (PDF 1.53MB)

FLEXAVISION FD Package (Full Digital system)
Mr.Shigeru Kojo, Kojo Clinic
(Hiroshima Prefecture)

Effective for the hysterosalpingography performed as a cutting-edge fertility treatment. Digitization helps improve image management (PDF 1.71MB)

FLEXAVISION SF Package (Casette SFD system)
Mr.Hiroshi Matsumoto, IVF Osaka Clinic
(Osaka Prefecture)

CR cassette spot filming that supports the PTA of dialysis patients is also effective in orthopedic examinations (PDF 499KB)

FLEXAVISION SF (Casette CR SFD system) Package
Director Dr.Fumiyuki Nakashima, Namazuta Medical Clinic
(Fukuoka Prefecture)

Digitization Eliminates Time Required for Film Development Appreciating the Value of a Patient-Friendly Fixed Tabletop (PDF 264KB)

FLEXAVISION FD Package (Full Digital System)
Dr.Masaoki Sunagawa, Director, Sunagawa Clinic (Nara Prefecture)

Experience of Using FLEXAVISION X-ray TV system in Medical Examinations (PDF 780KB)

Mr.Nobuyuki Ohe, Medical Department, Medical Corporation Jurakukai m.o Clinic

With Compact Dimensions and Easy Operability, the FLEXAVISION FD Package Endoscopy Rooms (PDF 345KB)

FLEXAVISION FD Package (Full Digital System)

Mr.Toshio Dozaiku, Surgical/Gastrointestinal Center Chief,
Mr.Hirokazu Yamanaka, Chief Technologist and Mr.Yuji Oda,
Medical Corporation Seichokai Fuchu Hospital.

FLEXAVISION was the right choice for our hospital. (PDF 484KB)

FLEXAVISION (SFD&Digital) System HB Package

Mr.Kazuhisa Ishibashi, Chief Technologist
and Mr.Akihito Kawamoto, Senior Technologist, Yukioka Medical Research
Institute Yukioka Hospital

Experience of Using FLEXAVISION X-ray TV system (PDF 1.9MB)

Mr. Mitsuru Kamiuchi, Department of Radiography, Seijin-Kai
Medical Corporation, Rakusai Shimizu Hospital

Using Tomosynthesis Images for Measuring Total Spine Alignment Parameters Using the SONIALVISION safire Series - Also Using Tomosynthesis - (PDF 5.79MB)

Mr. Yasuyuki Morita
Department of Central Radiology, Tokyo Women's Medical University Hospital

Use of Tomosynthesis Radiography for Total Hip Arthroplasty (THA) at Iida Hospital (PDF 1.45MB)

Mr. Shota Horitake
Department of Radiology, Iida Hospital

Applications and Present Issues of Tomosynthesis in Spine Surgery (PDF 3.01MB)

Yoshiharu Kato, M.D., Ph.D.
Professor and Chairman
Department of Orthopaedic Surgery, Tokyo Women's Medical University

Can T-smart Tomosynthesis Improve Diagnostic Accuracy on THA Component Stability? (PDF 4.85MB)

Yixin Zhou, M.D., Ph.D.
Professor and Chair Dept. of Adult Reconstructive Surgery
Beijing Jishuitan Hospital, the 4th Clinical College of PKU

Potential of tomosynthesis as a new modality for evaluating and treating painful shoulders (PDF 1.81MB)

Satoshi Fujita, M.D.
Department of Orthopedics, Mitsubishi Kyoto Hospital

Using the SONIALVISION safire Series Tomosynthesis Application (PDF 6.47MB)

Mr.Yoshihiro Uchida
Department of Radiological Technology, Mitsubishi Kyoto Hospital

Tomosynthesis in Respiratory Medicine (PDF 6.40MB)

Takehiro Izumo, M.D., Ph.D., FCCP
Department of Endoscopy, Respiratory Endoscopy Division, National Cancer Center Hospital

Clinical Report on Digital Tomosynthesis - Usage experience in the otolaryngological field (cochlear implants)
(Extract from INNERVISION Vol.28 of Dec.,2013)
(PDF 7.67MB)

Mr.Hiroshi Hirano
Radiology Department, Shinshu University Hospital

Current Status and Future Possibilities of Gastrointestinal Tract Patency Evaluation Using Patency Capsules (PDF 3.34MB)

Dr.Teppei Omori
Department of Gastroenterological Medicine,Tokyo Women's Medical University Hospital

Experience Using Tomosynthesis(T-smart) at Nara City Hospital (PDF 9.42 MB)

Mr. Takeshi Kuzuwa
Department of Radiology, Nara City Hospital

How Tomosynthesis Changes the Evaluation of PLIF Bone Union (PDF 2.09MB)

Shuichiro Ohno, M.D., Ph.D.
Spine Center, Seirei Hamamatsu General Hospital

Application of Tomosynthesis for Colon X-Ray Examination (PDF 5.7MB)

Mr. Takashi Nonaka
Department of Radiology, Fussa Hospital

Use of Tomosynthesis at the Aizawa Hospital (PDF 5.3MB)

Mr. Masahiro Iwama
Diagnostic Imaging Center, Aizawa Hospital

Usefulness of Tomosynthesis for Orthopedics (PDF 1.88MB)

Dr. Hogaku Gen
Chiba Central Medical Center
Deputy Director, Director of Orthopedics, Director of Spine Center

Experiences Using the SONIALVISION safire Series -Investigation into Tomosynthesis of the Temporomandibular Joint- (PDF 1.02MB)

Mr.Ryohei Fukui
Division of Clinical Radiology, Tottori University Hospital

Experiences Using the SONIALVISION safire Series (PDF 4.56MB)

Mr.Manabu Takehara
Department of Radiology, Shingu Municipal Medical Center

Potential of Low-Dose Tomosynthesis for Lung Cancer Screening (PDF 3.43MB)

Ms Yuki Ito, Department of Radiation, National Cancer Center Hospital East

Utility of Swallowing Test by Dual Energy Subtraction (DES) (PDF 2.85MB)

Mr.Yuichi Nagai, Department of Radiation, National Cancer Center

Experiences with Cochlear Implant Examination Using Tomosynthesis (PDF 1.11MB)

Mr.Manabu Takei, Department of Radiology, Shinshu University Hospital

Applications of Tomosynthesis to Bronchoscopic Examinations (PDF 6.30MB)

Mr.Masahiro Nakajima, Department of Radiology, Dokkyo Medical University Koshigaya Hospital

Clinical Experiences with Tomosynthesis in Orthopaedic Surgery at the Dokkyo Medical University Koshigaya Hospital (PDF 3.72MB)

Mr.Kazunori Ohashi, Department of Radiology, Dokkyo Medical University Koshigaya Hospital

Utility of Slot Radiography and Epicondylar View After Implant Arthroplasties (PDF 2.29MB)

Mr.Kazuya Goto, Department of Radiology, NTT East Corp. Sapporo Hospital

Utility of tomosynthesis in the orthopaedic surgery at the Sumitomo hospital (PDF 309KB)

Mr.Masanari Taniguchi , Department of Radiology, Sumitomo Hospital

The Possibilities Tomosynthesis Brings to Lung Cancer Screening (PDF 1.75MB)
Clinical Applications to Orthopaedics by New X-ray Technology (PDF 2.70MB)
Experiences Using SONIALVISION safire and the Utility of Tomosynthesis (PDF 5.44MB)

Mr. Masahiro Nakajima
Radiology Division, Dokkyo Medical University Koshigaya Hospital

Efforts to Reduce Exposure Dose in Chest Tomosynthesis
-Targeting Lung Cancer Screening-
(PDF 2.44MB)

Ms.Kaoru Shimizu
Department of Radiology, National Cancer Center Hospital East

The Clinical Utility of Tomosynthesis in Lung Cancer Diagnosis (PDF 1.84MB)

Masami Ito, MD
Division of Thoracic Oncology, National Cancer Center Hospital East

Clinical Experience Using SONIALVISION safire II
-Utility of Tomosynthesis in Orthopedic Surgery-
(PDF 4.24MB)

Mr. Shouta Miura
Iwate Medical University Hospital,Central Department of Radiology

A New Side Station for T-smart (PDF 1.7MB)

Kazuhiro Mori
Medical Systems Division, Shimadzu Corporation

Evaluation of Tomosynthesis Using SONIALVISION safire Digital Table
-Based on Presentation by Dr.Flynn of Henry Ford Health System at RSNA 2006-
(PDF 4.69MB)

Tetsuo Imanishi
Medical Systems Division, Shimadzu Corporation,

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